this is the documentation for KluppeTimeLine 0.2.2

KluppeTimeLine is a graphical, animated score system.

KluppeTimeLine was originally written for a performance at the festival "Wien Modern" in 2007.
This first public (beta-)release was made possible by the financial and infrastructural support by - thanks !
KluppeTimeLine was written by Dieter Kovacic (kluppe at klingt dot org)

The Version 0.2.2 can be downloaded here:

Please read the README file for installation instructions.

click "Tracks" -> "New track" to add a track to the empty canvas.
now you can adjust track-settings and add graphical "events" by right-clicking the track.

there are severa types of events - for now: "mountain", "line", "single" and "image".

you can select events by creating a selection-rect with the mouse. selected tracks can be moved when the shift-button is down.
without shift, you can modify the evnts (e.g. move mountainpeaks or resize images)
once you have added events, theyr names will show up in the track-overview (left side of the window) and you will see a countdown to the next events:

When you right-click an event, you can adjust it's settings or add "actions".

"actions" will be triggered when the playhead moves over the containing event.
events with associated actions will show a green label background
so far there are two types of actions: if you create a new action and there are configurable parameters, a dialog will open and ask you for input.

use "File" -> "Save" and "Open" to store your arrangements.

OSC: you can use OpenSoundControl to synchronize several instances of KluppeTimeLine via Network.
More about that soon.

"Control" -> Wiimote: let's you use a nintendo wiimote for ktl-control (start/stop/zoom...)

Please let me know, if you have questions or comments about KluppeTimeLine.
When you find bugs, please send a detailed description of the type and context of the bug - thanks in advance.
kluppe at klingt dot org


Dieter Kovacic - october 2009